Friday, December 26, 2014

The End Is Near Is Here!!!


The day we've all been waiting for

The day that we get to have my labor of love and on Santa Claus Day of all days (Listen to the E.P. it will explain everything). 

Initially, I set out to make a full-length album called "Decline", which I've been consciously working on since 2011, but a few months ago, I started to feel like I needed to put something out to get the process going. And this is it.

The first song, "The End Is Near" is a journey into the current zeitgeist in America.

From Mike Brown and Eric Garner, to global warming. This track kinda sets the tone for the whole record

The second song "Santa Claus Died A Long Time Ago & Mrs. Claus IS Turnin' Tricks", is on the surface kind of dark, morbid Christmas song, but underneath that, it's a critique of how American capitalism

The third song "Stigmata" was a song I wrote for "Decline". In all honesty, it's just a brutal look into America's violent culture and how it shapes us as a people

And lastly, we have "In America" a song written from my perception as a jaded, disaffected spectator with the counterargument coming from foreigners who come from all over the world to taste the freedoms that maybe we take for granted.

I genuinely hope that people enjoy this taste of what I do. I'm kind of an MC. I'm kind of a producer. I'm really no engineer or mixer (really), but I have love for music and this record is the best I could do right now.

And hey, it's free, so what do you have to lose, right?

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